We are India’s leading Hotels, Resorts, Restaurant, School, College & Hospital Management Services Company. We work with these segments of industry to study the market, assess feasibility of the project, conceptualize the idea of the institution, plan the new Hotels, Resorts, Restaurant, school/college or hospital project, see it through to its establishment, improve, run operations and provide ongoing management services.

Our professional team passionate about enhancing Hospitality, educational & health care outcomes and achieving better results for our partners in several states of the country. We have school project Consultants, Academicians, Recruiters, Trainers, Architects, Brand Specialists, Marketing Specialists, Project Managers, Software Engineers, Chartered Accountants and a large selection of Hospitality, school & health care suppliers at our disposal to deliver complete spectrum of services and make certain your experience of school & healthcare enterprising with us is an exemplary one.

Our Vision

We are established 1996 in the field of Hospitality, education & health care providers for the past 22 years now and are going strong and looking forward to do best in the coming years. During past years, in Northern India to their entire satisfaction since we are one-source multi-resources organization. Our primary goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers who use our services.